One of the first shows I saw in Seattle was the work of Robin and John Gumaelius at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery. The surface designs on the birds and bees in particular made me think of my own work, and my mix of abstract pattern with natural imagery. It also made me think of last year, when I had a brief obsession with crewelwork patterns. I collected a few books and a bunch of needlework magazines from the Seconds Sale, with the idea of making something out of all that material, but hadn’t really done anything with the stuff[1].

A few separate things clicked together in my head that day, and I now have a whole new gallery show to think about. Once I’ve got the work done on this one (almost there! Some glazed pieces came out of the kiln yesterday–pics to come soon!–and I’ve got another load in the bisque kiln right now), I’ll get working on a piece or two as samples. Maybe I can aim to have it in the Annual Members Exhibit…

[1] Well, aside from some teacups a few weeks ago…

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