Kiln goodies!

A few of the goodies from Monday’s kiln firing…

Mother Hydra’s Mythos Rhymes, by Jarred W. Wallace, Medieval Europe: A Short History, by C. Warren Hollister, and Needlework Patterns from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Susan Siegler. (It turned out pink. I had originally envisioned lots of oranges and yellows, but while glazing, got impulsive with the pink underglaze and… well, this is what happened. Not sure I like it, to be honest, but I’m sure someone else will.)

Some book about ground cover whose exact details I’ can’t look up just now because I am not in front of my bookcase and googling “ground cover” gives an awful lot of results to sift through, The Last Continent, by Terry Pratchett, and Maus II: And Here my Troubles Began, by Art Spiegelman.

At a guess, one more bisque kiln and two more glaze firings (maaaaaybe three), and I’ll be ALL DONE!

Except for writing up index cards. And getting the work photographed. And putting up a website about it. And finding something to put the index cards in; I have a small wooden box with INDEX on the side in suitably library-esque writing, but wow would an actual filing cabinet look good, so I am tempted to keep an eye out for one. And actually installing the show, but that last part at least I don’t have to do until October.

4 thoughts on “Kiln goodies!”

  1. Oh this is so exciting! You must be over the moon to have the end in sight. Sort of.
    And I love the needlework pattern one! It’s so nostalgic.
    Can’t wait for October. Ok I *can* wait, there’s lots of great stuff happening between now and then, but i’m loving the tempting appetizers you’ve been posting…

  2. I want the carved one, no wait, I want the crewel work one, no….I want the ground cover one…. but the clouds are so sweet…aaugh! how does one decide?!?

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