Wanted: TARDIS

Haven’t blogged much lately. April turned into a much, much busier month than I’d been expecting. Gallery show to finish. Craft fair to get ready for. Fresh Fish was canceled, so me and Jessica Butler and Charlotte Reid started organizing a MayDay weekend fair[1], and of course there was stock to make for that too, and also summer wholesale orders are coming in, oh and Fresh Fish turned out to be merely postponed until June, so THAT is another thing to take care of, and Alexis Templeton asked for some bowls for her bowl thing in May.

And in the middle of all this, I have a possible home purchase to organize.

It’s downtown, and three stories, and is very likely a tear-it-down-to-the-studs-and-then-rip-out-some-of-the-studs sort of affair, which is intimidating, but it would be very, very close to work and studio. And there’s an extension on the back that could fit a wheel and some shelves…

[1] May 5, 10am – 5pm, at the Rocket Room. be there, or be a rectangular thyng.

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