La Manche

Went for a hike yesterday with some friends. Our plan had been to pick up the East Coast Trail in La Manche, and head from there to Tors Cove and back. We had a little trouble finding the trailhead, though. We wound up strolling through La Manche Provincial Park, finding a trail, and making a shorter, improvised hike out of that one.[1] There was a river, and a little waterfall, and sundry beaver-gnawed sticks[2], and neat rocks.

It was a good day.

[1] On the way back to town, we detoured through St. Michael’s and Seal Cove and Bauline East, and happened to find a trailhead in there. So if/when we go back, we will have at least one official East Coast Trail section to head out across.

[2] Beavers leave really neat textures on wood.

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