Break-neck speed

It’s a whole week into May already! Ack!

The Handmade Market at Rocket went swimmingly. Thanks to everyone who came by, and many thanks to booth-neighbours Steph Squires and Graham Blair for being awesome company.

Next event to get ready for: Fresh Fish 6! This one’s going to be my last one, sadly. I am thirty years old, and this particular fair is about showcasing young craftspeople. Next year, I will be a maggoty fish. But there will be fresher fish to replace me, and it will be fun to see how the fair changes and grows over the years.

My tomatoes have been moved from their wee little starter cups to proper planters. Other seeds are being started. I hope they’ll be ready for transplant outdoors soon. (And I also hope the weather will cooperate and not turn frosty by the time they are ready…)

And I seem to have bought a house. I’m not sure how many papers there are left to sign, but at some point they will stop appearing under my nose and be replaced with a set of keys and a big hole in my bank account, and I will own my very own walls and roof and plumbing and kitchen and rooms. I am happy and slightly terrified. By the fall (or, more realistically, the spring), I’m hoping to have enough money saved up to buy my own wheel…

And in all of that, there is glazing and firing and throwing…

2 thoughts on “Break-neck speed”

  1. Heartiest congratulations on your purchase of your very own roof, walls and rooms. The slight terror will subside…

    1. I certainly hope it does!

      It’s not quite purchased yet. There have been some snags of an electrical and watery nature. But I hold out hope…

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