May 24

I’m spending this Victoria Day weekend with some friends in Amherst Cove. So far I’ve watched seabirds from a lovely beach in Keels, sat by a campfire with weiners and marshmallows, watched The Avengers at the lovely Garrett Theatre, tried slip-casting in plaster molds made from pieces of driftwood, pinched a few bowls, had a big piece of barbecued moose, and tried the pizza in the brand new and highly recommended Bonavista Social Club. Oh, and I also got to watch some episodes from Babylon 5 spinoff show that I hadn’t even realized existed. It managed to carry on the proud B5 traditions of primitive CG and really terrible acting, which is impressive considering all the new people involved with the project. I’m hoping the plots get interesting as the season progresses.

Tomorrow there will be more adventures in plaster, and possibly some potato garden prep.

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