Crewelwork teacups

One side, and the other:

I love them. I love woodcuts and lino cuts, and sgraffito can so very easily mimic the look of those mediums. It’s very similar, really–in each one, you’re creating an image by carving away parts of a flat surface.

The only trouble is the crumbly bits of coloured clay that get all over the work. If the piece is still wet enough that carving it is easy, bits of removed colour fall on it and want to stick. You get little coloured crumbs all over your nice white clay. If you wait until it’s drier, you don’t have removed pieces leaving marks where you want blanks, but the clay is much harder to carve through. Doing large numbers of pieces would really put a lot of strain on my wrist. So this is a decorating technique I’m only going to be able to trot out for very special occasions.

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