Body Count

Whew! I’ve been holding off on posting until I could find my card reader back and upload pics, but that’s just led to a stupidly long delay between posts. So. Last week I was wrapped up in sgraffito and crewelwork. Out of the four cups and two bowls thrown….

One cup had its handle crack off.
One cup was too ugly to fire.
One bowl exploded enthusiastically in the bisque firing. Argharghargh, shards all over kiln, much time spent vaccuming and lamenting loss of five Robot mugs and one Robot bowl neighbouring it.

In the glaze firing, the glaze crawled off the footrim of the two surviving cups.

One bowl survived.

It has been submitted to the Craft council Gallery’s Annual Members’ Exhibit. We shall see what the committee thinks of it.

1 thought on “Body Count”

  1. Sounds like a very rough day at the office, Maaike. Don’t you just hate vacuuming up the shards…

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