5 EC, Top of Re-entrant

I went orienteering today! The St. John’s Orienteering Club set up some courses in Petty Harbour, and I was offered a ride, and couldn’t *quite* make myself go to the studio and stay indoors on this rare and sunny day. So I went.

I haven’t gone in years. The rest of my family have been going, with varying degrees of regularity and competitiveness, but it’s something I basically stopped doing around university. I had studying to do, and essays to write. Later, I had a full-time job and a growing business and a sick husband who couldn’t do any house chores. My days were full, and any time left over was time I wanted to spend resting, not tiring myself out in the woods. So I stopped orienteering.

I am slightly less busy these days, and less bone-weary at the end of the weekend. So when my brother phoned and asked if I wanted to come, I waffled a bit (I *do* have some cups to trim…) and said yes (the cups are under plastic; they will not dry out today).

It was fun. I took the long course, found every flag, and got to see some family friends I’d more or less lost touch with over the years. I got to run around in the woods and through some bogs and one very stagnant excuse for a stream. I got to breathe in the smell of the barrens on bloom.

It was a very good day.

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