Gods Bless This Hosue

I have a house! With walls, and windows, and a roof! Three cars of family and friends lent their backs and their hands to the move yesterday, and almost everything I own is piled up in the living room. Half the kitchen is unpacked already, and I even managed to unearth my toothbrush this morning.

Aside from a few larger things (the friend with the van they fit into didn’t make it, so some bookcases and the futon frame and two dressers are still to come), I’m all moved in.

The cats spent the night poking around the new house (and occasionally knocking things over), and I’m currently obsessing over art placement and paint colours.

The best part is the laundry room. It’s unusually large for a laundry room–9 x 12–and being a laundry room, it has a convenient 60 amp plug near a hole in the wall, to which could be attached a kiln vent… Oh, I have such plans.

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