Fresh Fish 6

Fresh Fish! 6 was this weekend at the Anna Templeton Centre. Different venue, different organizers, largely different crowd of vendors (but a few long-timers, too). I had a good day. Got to meet some new people and see some old faces. Also got to acquire a neato-cool moose mobile and a genuine Andrew Harvey t-shirt[1], and eat some stellar food.

Some of this spring’s crewelwork experiments came along, too. They seemed to go over well. I sold half of them, which is a good debut. I’d like to have a full line by the time the big craft fair rolls around… bowls and plates and maybe a teapot, to go with the mugs. Maybe even teacups and/or saucers.

[1] It’s light blue, and says, “I miss cursive writing” in slightly incorrect[2] cursive.

[2] By the standards of Mme Brouard. I don’t know what Andrew’s grade three teacher’s rules were for the formation of “m”. Perhaps she just taught a different style of cursive.

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