It’s the middle of July! That means the beach fire–the main annual fundraiser for the clay studio–is just around the corner! Woohoo!

Today there was a bit of a beach fire stuff-making party at the studio. There’s another one tomorrow, and beach fire clay[1] will be available for all comers who care to make something until August sometime. A small army of volunteers is involved in this project. All the work is donated, then wrapped in seaweed and string and wire and copper scrubbies and dipped is stains and filled with salt or sugar or copper or newspaper… Whatever’s at hand, really[2]. And then it’s all trucked down to Middle Cove Beach, laid in a pit with some burnables, and set alight. When the fire dies down, the pots come out, get scrubbed off, and are sold on the spot.

In unrelated news, I ate the first tomato from the back step today.

It’s a black cherry tomato. The oaxacan jewel started fruiting first, but the black cherry and, I suspect, the stupice, have outpaced it in terms of actually getting the fruit ripe. This little guy was so juicy it split itself open. Very sweet taste. Looking forward to the rest of them.

[1] Extra groggy! Will take a few layers of skin off your hands, but is more likely to survive a pit firing than the regular stuff.

[2] Capelin don’t d much. Just kinda burn away and leave a teeeeeensy bit of gray. If you’re lucky[3].

[3] Why yes, I do know this from experience.

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