Vet Visit

Margery’s vet visit was yesterday. She’s clear of FIV and feline leukemia, and has been vaccinated against each so she’ll stay that way. She does have tapeworms, which is not a huge surprise, but does mean I had to give her some meds.

The vet prescribed one and a half pills of something or other. I broke the whole pill in half, on the grounds that it would be easier to swallow if it was smaller, and hid the drugs in some gooshyfood. The second she got one down, she froze. Then she glared suspiciously at me, looked at the food, looked back at me, and walked away from the dish.

Oh crap.

I tried enticing her with another dollop of gooshyfood. She jumped up on the windowsill and ignored me as hard as she could.

In the end, I had to get her mouth open, jam the remaining half pills in, and hold her mouth shut until she swallowed. She was NOT happy. It’s the same method I use to give Eliu his asthma pills every meal, but Eliu has been getting pilled since he was a kitten, and is very used to it. Also, Eliu’s talent for self-defense is almost non-existent; he never gives me more than a token “ick” face before swallowing and getting on with his day. Margery is a tough old lady with very definite opinions on subjects such as who gets to touch her, who gets to pick her up, and who gets to immobilize her while shoving nasty-tasting pills down her throat. I did eventually get the pills down, but the trust I’d been building up with her has taken a bit of a blow.

Oh well. It’s for her own good, and she’ll come around again eventually. Probably.

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