Weekend in Amherst Cove

I spent the weekend in Amherst Cove, having a fabulous time. In and around a visit to the hospital for an allergic reaction[1], there was a visit to the Bonavista Social Club, some walking, an expedition to find terns’ nests, much knitting, some banging around with the jewelry tools, and an excursion to Bonavista for some theatre.

Berry sorbet!
Tern nest.

Aaaand while I was there, I took the opportunity for another luster firing. Only a little bit of gold this time; mostly I was using mother of pearl. At left is “Histoire de la langue, by Peter A. Machonis”, and at right, “Lords and Ladies, by Terry Pratchett.”

[1] It is now day 5 post spider bite. Rash and swelling are gone. Still no superpowers.

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