RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award

So, there’s this museum in Toronto called the Gardiner. It’s the national ceramics museum. It may surprise you to learn that Canada does, in fact, have a national ceramics museum, but we do, and it is a place of much awesomeness.

Every year, RBC sponsors a people’s choice award for emerging artists. Jason Holley, he of the Amherst Cove raku adventures, and the dude who lets me fire lusters in his kiln, is in the running this year. So are four other people. And you get to vote, online or by mail (or, if you’re in Toronto, in person), for the winner of a 10 000.00$ prize.

The link to the contest page is here. You can view the work, read the bios, and watch videos of the artists talking about their work[1]. And vote. And please spread the word about the competition, and get everybody you know to go look, and cast their own votes.

[1] Kudos to Mark Bennett for spiffyest video-ing.

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