So. Almost my entire backlog of bisqued gallery cups went into the kiln this week. Only a teensy few to get through now. My task for this week, I decided, was to take all my books off the shelves, unpack the teacups, and match them all up. Whatever books are left still on the table (or on the chairs, or on the dresser, or in boxes on the floor where they’ve been since I moved into the new house) are books I still have to interpret into cup form.

This has done two things. 1) It has given me a great big list to make (in visuo-spatial form, but a list nonetheless), and it lets me mentally cross things off the list, which is great because crossing things off lists is one of my favourite ways of dealing with anticipatorystagefrightstress. 2) It has pointed out to me, very concretely, how much work the last year has been. It has made me stop thinking “Oh god I’m so tired” and made me think “Holy cow. I’m proud of myself.”

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