After the Flood

A pipe burst in the clay studio recently. The water gushing out of the wall, and the pipe itself, were fixed quite quickly–before the afternoon was out–but a couple of walls and a good chunk of the flooring had to be replaced. That is happening now.

When I need the space.

For my show.

My first gallery show, which is coming up in two weeks.

The show, for which I still need to make one kiln load of cups.

I have been trying very hard to remember the words of the great and useful Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and avoiding panic.

I have been biking home with clay strapped to my bike rack, and thanking all the tiny clay gods that I bought that old wheel. I bought a kitchen scale yesterday, and stole a cutting board from my kitchen to use as a wedging/ work surface[1]. I commandeered two bookshelves, and today I got some old boards and milk crates off my mom for more shelving.

It will be okay. I can do this. I can make all the things, and then get them to a kiln without breaking them[2].

[1] This is difficult on the back. I will need to find a small table soon.

[2] If I say it often enough, maybe it will be true…

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