The Last Teacup

I made the last teacup for the gallery show last night. (“The Absolute Death, by Neil Gaiman”, if you’re interested. And you should be; Death is one of his most interesting characters, and the Absolute edition collects all the stories she appears in, along with a bunch of portraits, sketches, and the complete original script for Sandman #8.)

The bisque firing is scheduled for tomorrow, so I couldn’t throw it–it wouldn’t have dried in time. I tried handbuilding a cup from slabs on Sunday, but it cracked while drying. I considered just letting it go, but I really like this book, and wanted to include it. So I tried a small pinched pot, of white clay instead of the usual cream. I left most of the finger marks and stress cracks on the outside, which seems in keeping with the character and the general aesthetic of the comics. I think I’ll go over them with black stain, to accentuate them.

I may also add a pigeon to it when I glaze it.

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