A Library of Teacups: Half Organized

The show is almost here! Shelves were installed today, and I spent the evening putting cups on them. The non-fiction wall is done:

Just have to finish up the rest of the room, which is all fiction. Comics, graphic novels and BDs on the two plinths when you come in, sci-fi and fantasy on the bookcases, a plinth and a cube out-of-frame for children’s lit, and a windowsill of less interesting forms of fiction. And I should probably cart away the giant pile of recently-emptied boxes.

3 thoughts on “A Library of Teacups: Half Organized”

  1. I’m in love! I just saw Judy’s write up and wow! Double wow! You had me at tea, but then you mentioned books and the connection between books and tea and I am mesmerized! What a lovely exhibition. Where do you display them at home? I hope that you have a great show!

    1. Why, thank you very much! (And thanks for putting up your own link!)

      I made the cups specifically for this gallery show, and I haven’t been able to display them at home. They’ve been in slowly-growing mountain of boxes in my living room since last fall. Putting them up in the gallery was my first chance to see them all together in one spot. :-)

      Any left after the show ends November 10th will come to the Christmas Craft Fair with me. After that… I’m not sure. Maybe etsy will help me find a home for them. (And there are one or two I’d just like to keep forever.)

      1. Thanks for the information! If only I lived closer. I have to go back and look at the pictures more closely! I teach literature at a local college here in Quebec, so I heart books!

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