Show Highlights 3: Revenge of the Return

This one is “Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia, by Roger Macbride Allen”. It came out when I was in junior high, when myself, my brother, and two other boys in our class were going through a big Star Wars phase[1]. Whenever one of us had a birthday, we’d ask for Star Wars books; after we’d read them, we’d pass them on to our friends. For Christmas, we’d even try to coordinate things so we didn’t get duplicate books. This means that while I have lots of Star Wars books from those years, I have a lot of gaps in my trilogies (and mot Star Wars books then were part of trilogies) . I have the first of the Corellian Trilogy books, my brother has the second, and I think Paul Doucet got the third. Or possibly Erik got the second and Paul got the third. Whatever. I’ve only got the first one, is the point.

As I recall, I didn’t much enjoy the series–even to my jaded seventh-grade palate, it seemed to contain a few too many sci-fi cliches. Also, the subplot with Lando was very much out of character, and not a little grating.

All the same, though, I wanted to make a nice cup for it. Thrown stoneware, with metallic glaze on the outside and good ol’ underglaze-in-a-squeeze bottle circuit-board-esque decoration. I left that strip of clay unglazed, but placed it in the kiln so that fumes from an adjacent cup’s glaze would deposit themselves on the clay, giving it a bit of a flashing look. I’m quite pleased with the result.

[1] One can argue that my Star Wars phase never really ended…

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