On the Radio–Again!

The St. John’s Morning Show aired an interview by Beth MacDonall about the gallery show. You can listen to it over here.

The last day to see the show is the tenth–only a few days away. I can’t believe it. I’ve spent so long wrapped up in getting ready for it, I still have days it’s hard to believe it’s on. Now I’ll have to get used to the idea of it being over. What a strange feeling.

I’m already mulling over ideas for the next show. I could find out the top X loans from Y library, and make X teacups.

I could do whole dinnerware sets based on one particular author or book.

I could go back to production for a little while, and really thoroughly explore the possibilities of some of my new glazes.

I could do something completely different.

Weird, to be suddenly so wealthy in options, and so bereft of goal.

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