Finished Tiles!

I unloaded the kiln today! There were many goodies. I am so very, very pleased with the tiles. Especially the ones with the crewelwork sgraffito… there are so many ways to play around with this design. Rainclouds bringing flowers and fertility to the trees. Menacing storms making the ohshitboat[1] long for the domestic comfort symbolized by the embroidery pattern. Hibernating trees in winter dreaming of fabulous blossoms.

And bees. You know the bees always see flowers as sexier, gorgeouser things than we do.

They’ll be for sale at the Christmas Craft Fair at the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre from Wednesday to Sunday this week.. Fair hours and list of exhibitors is on the Craft Council website over here.

[1] The ohshitboat is a recurring design of mine. It is never out of danger, but it seems to survive, from one tile to the next. It may be more or less constantly panicking, but it manages to keep sailing.

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