The Christmas Craft Fair!

I’m three days into the Christmas Craft Fair at the arts and Culture Centre. I am so tired. I shall sleep through the entirety of December, and possibly even a goodly hunk of November. I shall become a hibernating potteryist.

But I am also very happy. Craft fairs are fun. Delighted giggles form people seeing my Robot pots for the first time are the best possible compliments. And an awful lot of people are making a point of dropping by to tell me they saw my show, or heard the interview, or read the article, and that they liked it. Which is fantastically lovely.

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Craft Fair!”

  1. Hello Maiike! I found your blog while writing my own blog post. I just wanted to drop by and say that I LOVE “the onion girl” teacup I got. I can’t take it away from my sight :)

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