Craft Fair Wrap-up and Recovery

The craft fair is over for another year. Hooray and celebration! We all survived it! Thank you to everybody who came by; meeting new people and catching up with familiar ones is one of the best part of the fair. (Sorry if I seemed a bit zombie-ish for parts of it. Between the galler5y show and the fair production crunch, I was tired.)

While I was there, I got some wicked cool loot. Hand-dyed, handspun wool from Jasmine Paul, an octopussy silkscreen by Alexe Hanlon, a beautiful teacup lithograph by Jennifer Morgan, and a wee sketch by Cathia Finkel. The sketch is on a card, and possibly intended to be written in and mailed somewhere, but I plan to frame it and put it up on a wall somewhere.

The Monday after the fair was mostly spent sleeping. In the afternoon, there was a mall walk up the trail at Cape Spear.

Myself and some other craft fair survivors were originally planning on walking to Freshwater and back, but a) that would have taken a while and b) it would have involved a hill. So our hike was downgraded to a walk. We moseyed a ways up the trail, then went off to sit on some rocks and look at the ocean and have a short nap in the moss. And then we went home. It was fabulous.

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