A Plan

Winter is coming. This one’s going to be very different from the last. I have a house. I am also about to get an extra free day a week, thanks to some fortuitous/scary cuts at work. And I have a wheel.

I have made a plan.

1. Downgrade studio rent from front studio to a key. (I want to keep doing my own firings, and I’d also like to have access to a slabroller, because rolling pins are boring and tedious things. So I would like to keep a key.) It’s 80$ a month, and the cost includes a cubby. Make tiles at the studio; store them in cubby while green, along with glazes and one or two colours of underglaze for days I feel like doing sgraffito.

2. Do all my throwing and most of my underglazing at home. (The underglaze, I’ve noticed, is much less likely to smudge or crack off in transportation than glaze. So I feel pretty safe doing it at home, and bringing it into the studio for glazing the night before it’s fired.)

3. Move current bedroom into front spare room. Turn laundry room and adjoining current bedroom into pottery space; line every possible wall with shelves and go mad making things for the summer. Bum rides to and from clay studio from various people. Maybe even try a cab now and then.[1]

3b. Bike rack? Bike trailer? Options abound.

3c. Oh, hey, I live in Rabbittown! If I have a bike trailer, or at least a reasonably light but sturdy wheelycart, I can roll down the hill to the Farmer’s Market next summer!

3d. I can sell tentacley flower pots! And “Robot plants a flower” flowerpots! And probably start an indoor lettuce farm or something with all those empty kitty litter containers I have kicking around… I’ve been keeping them because they’re sturdy and have lids and handles, but I’ve got way more now than I’ll ever need for glaze and clay scraps.

3e. Maybe not lettuce. I mean, I’d grow lettuce for ME, but other people might get a wee bit squicked out by the thought of lettuce grown in kitty litter containers, even if all the things have ever contained is a bit of poorly refined, self-clumping bentonite.

3f. Flowers. I’ll sell flowers. Maybe aloe and spider plant and christmas cactus, too; those plants are practically aloe and spider plant and christmas cactus farms in and of themselves. At some point I will run out of space for all the babies.

4. Sometime in spring or summer, apply for a studio startup grant. Build kiln shed, buy kiln. Combine the two, for fun and profit. Stop renting altogether. (Also, buy slabroller… either out of studio startup money, if there’s any left, or later in the year out of craft
fair winnings.)

5. Keep day job until I’m through next winter, because hey, the extra money and the steady paycheque is reassuring and useful. Then quit, and run away to make art. And never
do inventory or tell people how to pronounce “labradorite” or give directions to Signal Hill from the bottom of Signal Hill ever, ever, ever again.

[1] Um. Maybe I’ll just use a cab for bisqueware, what with pothole season starting and cabbies being the careful drivers they are…

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