Because I Can


Two cups, just out of the kiln. They were thrown to be Robot mugs, but there was a tiny crack in one handle, and the other one… well, I just wanted to make something different.

The one on the left is glazed with Lana’s Bronze Aqua. I mixed some up for my show, and still have half an ice cream container left. I love the colour, and the texture, and the way it gets all frosty and crazed when layered with the clear. It fumes like crazy in firing… The stripes down the sides are one thin line of clear glaze sandwiched between two lines of bare clay. The copper fumes turned the clay a nice golden colour, which I was hoping for, but were also strong enough to interact with the clear glaze and tint it ever so slightly green, which was a surprise.[1] I like it, though.

The other one is a mix of studio and my own glazes. My white, the studio’s Southwest Turquoise for the matte, and stripes of my clear brushed over. I kept the lines very thin when I was brushing, but the clear diffused quite a ways across the surface. There are a few pinholes where the glazes are layered–Southwest Turquoise does not get along entirely well with my clear, apparently–but other than that, I love how it turned out. I really like the feathering along the edges of each stripe, and the texture change from satin matte to smooth and glassy is fantastic. Every few minutes, I pick up the cup and run my hands over it.

[1] Also surprising was the green blush on the Robot mug that had been next to it during the firing…

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