Happy Festive Turkey Solstice Time!

I’ve been having an amaaaazing Christmas holiday. Lots of old friends in town who don’t usually make it here, some hanging out with newer friends, lots of food, and lots of dinosaurs.

That’s right. Dinosaurs.

Completely independent of me and my latest research obsession, my brothers decided to have a dinosaur-themed Christmas. I gave everyone porcelain dinosaur ornaments[1], we all ate dinosaur gingerbread cookies, and there was much watching of the old Dino-Riders cartoon[2]. Hilary, my brother’s fiancee, even brought a wee kids’ excavation kit, complete with plastic pick and chisel, containing a block of plaster or something around the pieces of a wee plastic brachiosaurus skeleton.[4]

And I went to see the hobbit, and I was given hot water bottles, and I took advantage of some sales to buy cozy flannel bedsheets, and I have new books to read, and life is generally warm and fuzzy and good.

Tomorrow or the day after I will be off to Amherst Cove for New Years, and a sewing project, and some artistic collaboration, and some general chilling out. It’ll be fun.

[1] Made by yours truly, and available from the fine folks at Model Citizens.
[2] Did you know Krulos is voiced by the same dude who did Doctor Claw? We didn’t notice until we re-watched some episodes[3].
[3] According to IMDB, he’s the most prolific actor in Hollywood, so perhaps our amazement at his popping up in two separate cartoons is a wee bit misplaced. Really, we should be surprised when something’s released that he did no work for.
[4] “Museum quality replica”, it said.

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