Back to Reality

Christmas holidays finished up yesterday. Back to work today! I’ll be throwing in the clay studio for another month, and spiffing up the laundry room and my ex bedroom while I’m home. I lucked into some lovely green paint, and still have some blues from when I did the living room, so I’ll put them to good use brightening up the future home studio (currently a sort of neutral greenish greyish landlord type colour… damned if I’m going to spend my time playing in greyish mud in a greyish room in a town full of greyish weather…), get some shelves (LOTS of shelves), put some of that plastic stuff for drafty windows over the one drafty window, install an unbroken thermostat, and properly insulate the great gaping hole in the wall where my imaginary dryer vent is supposed to be hooked up. And then I’ll have a dedicated home studio space. Squee!

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