Snow Day!

The first big storm of the season rolled into town yesterday, and is still howling around now. There were power outages and work cancellations galore. I spent the day catching up on the last season of Doctor Who, reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline[1], and drinking copious amounts of tea.


I also did studio stuff, which I guess is a side effect of having your work space inside your house. I threw and betentacled a bunch of cephalopots…





… got started painting the laundry room/muddy half of the studio (ie, the room where all the throwing has been happening)…




… and just hung out with the storm and the cats. My decision to bar them out of the work area lasted all of ten minutes, and then their piteous cries of “Let me IN, I want to SEE” defeated my resolve. They didn’t break anything, or eat anything they shouldn’t have. Although Eliu may someday regret his choice of hangout spot.






[1] Dystopian post-peak-oil virtual reality FTW. Also? I have retained a surprising level of 80s trivia. I’m actually getting almost all the references in the quest.[2]


[2] This may have less to do with my grasp of 80s trivia, and more to do with the author’s high familiarity with, and thorough use of, geekery. 

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