Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch…

The last few days, winter has been making itself felt. There’s been snow of some amount most days, and the air has gotten much colder… no more piddly little 0 degrees now. It’s cold enough that wee fluffy flakes stay wee fluffy and flakey on the ground. The cats, when it’s close enough to warm for them to be let out, have to swim through the backyard. There are powdery drifts most places, and even on the sidewalks, it’s been too cold to be compressed down to ice. It’s still just slightly-more-packed powder.

I had a day off yesterday, and went snowshoeing in the morning. Only up around Pippy Park, but still. It’s the most outdoorsy, wintery thing I’ve done (other than shovel) this year. We saw lots of bunny tracks, and came across a few skiers with happy dogs. And tonight there are plans for sliding.

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