Blueberry pancakes[1] with honey and maple syrup. Plates from my first production line; cup from early crewelwork experiments.


I love that cup. I was a bit disappointed with it at first, but it’s grown on me. I like the shape, and the colour contrast, and the feel of the handle. I love that it’s so open, which makes the tea cool down fast, so I end up gulping it down in big swigs. It is a cup for opening up big, emphatic days.


[1] Recipe from Goons With Spoons, over here. Ignore the bit about vanilla being optional and use coconut oil for bestest flavour. Frying them in bacon grease gives the best crunchiness, but butter is acceptable if you have vegetarians to feed.

1 thought on “Breakfast!”

  1. Hi Maaike – You do such beautiful work and I check in on your blog periodically. We run a new online ‘farmers’ market’ called – kind of like Etsy for food/food related items. All products are made by Canadian artisans (we launched in August and now have almost 90 producers listed, with over 800 products). We are looking to grow out our ‘equipment’ category and your pottery is so beautiful, I am hoping we might interest you in listing a few items. We are finding that our site visitors are actively clicking and looking at this category. Is there a phone or email I could contact you at?

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