The last few weeks have been very, very lucky ones. Meet Percival…


… and Griselda.


Percival is a wee test kiln, given to me by a friend who was not using it (it had been free, from someone who presumably themselves had no use for it, over six years ago and has spent the intervening time living behind a bookcase). Percival is a wee Paragon kiln who may or may not work. It’s hard for me to tell, as he was originally wired directly into his last power supply–there’s no plug for me to just poke into an outlet and test. He was probably somebody’s hobby kiln once upon a time. He’s a good size for lots off wee things, like ornaments or jewellery. He’ll also be handy for glaze tests, and small batches of things like last-minute requests.

I was at Alexis Templeton’s studio last Friday, and mentioned Percy. She said she had a spare kiln–the first one she had. If I wanted to, I could offer her money and she could refuse it and I could take the kiln away. So today I picked up Griselda (who was heavier than I’d expected, but came with her own kiln stand and shelves and also plugs into a dryer outlet so I don’t need to do any electrical renovations before testing her out although I should probably change her elements and also the plug itself looks corroded.) She’s an Evenheat who has been living in a shed for eight years. She’s bigger than Percy–tall enough for TWO shelves of mugs–but still probably a third smaller than the littlest kiln at the Clay Studio.

That’s okay. I can get started with these two, and get a proper grown-up kiln down the line. If all goes well, I could be firing in a month or so. So. Excited.

1 thought on “KILNS!”

  1. Oh my god Percival is so cute! I was picturing one of the blue box type ones.
    Griselda looks like a grumpy old workhorse. Hopefully leaning more towards workhorse than grumpy!
    What fun awaits you!

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