It’s that time of year again! The National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts is a mere few weeks away. This year it’s in Houston. Somewhere hot, and possibly even sunny. I am looking forward to it so, so very much. I hemmed and hawed about even considering applying, what with having bought a house last summer and wanting to buy expensive studio gear this spring[1]. But I’ve been over the numbers, and even assuming worst case (ie, no funding) scenario, I should juuuuuust barely be able to afford it all… I’ll be broke as a very broken thing after, but on May 1st there’s another Sin City Crafters market, and summer wholesale orders will be getting delivered, and everything will get better. 

The flights are booked, the hotel is arranged, and I’ve been looking up galleries and studios to check out. I’m especially interested in 18 Hands Gallery–every year, they’ve got a booth at NCECA, and every year I’ve bought things from them. I can honestly say there’s nothing they carry that isn’t fascinating to me.

Oh, and Kristin Kieffer is doing demos. She does beautiful, layered, rich surfaces… I’m looking forward to seeing her at work.


[1] A bigger kiln would be nice. Griselda will get me firing and making rent-free pretty soon, but I’ll outgrow her fast. And a pugmill would be such a luxury, but so, so wonderfully good for avoiding RSIs in my wrists from wedging reclaim.[2]


[2] I can save my RSIs for throwing, glazing, and carving! Yay!

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