coff coff sniffle hack coff

I’ve been sick this week. It has set back my studio plans, my food plans, my grocery-buying and house-cleaning plans. Even my researching-Houston plans. Even (gasp!) the gardening plans.

About the one thing it hasn’t interfered with is my knitting, because knitting and watching Doctor Who is about all I can manage when I’m stuck in bed with a dish towel at my nose[1]. I finished up my NCECA socks (just in time for this year’s conference!) and my Folk Fest mitts. I started a new pair of mitts for when I’m being sniffly downstairs, and a “tumbling TARDIS” neck warmer thingy[2] for when I’m being sniffly upstairs. Because I am too whiney to haul my knitting up the stairs, apparently.

Still. The flood issuing forth from my nose has slowed to a slow trickle with only occasional bursts, so that’s an improvement.


[1] The handkerchiefs weren’t cutting it anymore.

[2] Pattern courtesy of Ravelry.

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