Houston, Day 1

Couldn’t sleep. Too excited. Alarm went off at 3:00 ay em. Moussa cat looked at me blearily, wondering what in the name of little crunchy kibbles I was doing up and about and making noise and oh hey you’re giving me breakfast yay. (Eliu cat was gleefully awake and full of enthusiasm for very early morning life… Damn youngster and his energy.)

Got to airport, got on plane, almost didn’t make connecting flight due to security airport changes taking time to navigate. Arrived in Houston after knitting most of a mitten.

Taxi ride, hotel, oh god need food haven’t eaten since breakfast which was almost twelve hours ago. Found food (Guadalajara restaurant on the way to the convention centre; enchiladas with tomatillo salsa for me, chicken mole for Travel Buddy. Delicious. Also, huge portions. And free chips and salsa.) Wandered around; watched some volleyball in our soon-to-be-devoted-to-ceramics conference centre, checked out a park, managed not to collapse of sunstroke. Made our way back to hotel; slept for over twelve hours. So awesome.

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