Houston, Day Two

Got up, joined Alexis and her friend Beverly[1] for breakfast. Tasted grits for the first time. Still not sure what they are, and not sure they tasted of anything apart from butter.

I like grits.

Beverly very kindly gave us a drive down to Galveston, where we checked out exhibits that were open on Monday. Some of it disappointingly ho hum, but some, of course, great. An entire show of amaaaaaazing architecture-inspired work at the old custom house, plus a kick-ass quilt show. Had gumbo at the Gumbo Bar. Enjoyed it less than the gumbo from that street vendor in Tampa, but still delicious, and it involved plenty of shrimp. 

Saw some pelicans.

Drove back to Houston, got dropped off by another exhibit by the lovely Beverly, and we carried on looking at stuff. I am finding myself very, very appreciative of the fact both Alexis and Jason have mobile devices with maps. It’s very easy to sort of trail along with them while they navigate an unfamiliar city. If I were on my own, I’d have to pick up an awful lot more maps and transit guides, and possibly even ask occasional passers-by for directions.

Stopped for an iced coffee at a coffee shop/bar called Double Trouble. Checked out the vintage store next door (did not buy cowboy boots). Carried on back to the particular stretch of Dallas Street I have started to think of as Home Base; checked out some cool shows in various buildings known as Allen Centre 1, Allen Centre 2, etc. Ate supper at same Mexican restaurant; this time I had some sort of chicken and spinach and cheese confection stuffed in a pepper, with more tomatillo salsa[2].

Group broke up for the evening. Our assignment: go over list of exhibitions, pick out highlights and figure out where the heck they all are and which ones to see tomorrow. there’s a shino show that’s a universal must, but other than that, our tastes are pretty diverse… we’ll see where we overlap.

Have been fantasizing about breakfasting on grits for past three hours. May need to have more tomorrow.


[1] Beverly is a transplanted Newfoundlander who Alexis knew from her early Girl Guides days. 


[2] I think I really, really like tomatillo salsa.

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