Houston Day Five

So many topics, so little time… demos by Kristin Kieffer and Bede Clarke, then intro to digital photography[1], a panel on bringing cone 10 glazes down to cone 6, a demo on building forms from pieces of other forms, a lecture on traditional marbled wares from Provence, some more time wandering the gallery expo, a lecture on marketing, a quick poke around the cup sale[2], then a very timely lecture on electric kiln maintenance.

And that was my day. Met up with Jason, and made up for all the cruddy lunches by finding myself in a delightful grocery store. Found where the Texans have been hoarding all the cheese. Bought some, plus sausages and olives and bread and lebne and figs. Lunch for the rest of the trip, basically. Take that, waffle fries!


[1] I need a new camera. I need to start taking better (or, in most cases, ANY) photos of my work, and the camera I currently have is a wee Fujifilm that was bought from Shopper’s Drug Mart on points. I cannot adjust ISO, let alone mess with light balance and aperture speed. Let’s not even get into lighting gear.

[2] Every year, there’s a fundraiser. People donate cups, they’re admired for a few days, and at 8 am the second last day of the conference, they’re go up for sale. The line-ups are looooooooong, and the crowd is so big only a dozen or so people get to go in at a time. They’re all gone before noon. There are two in there by Audrey Rosulek, and I want one sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

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