Houston Day Seven


Last day of the conference! That’s my loot, up there. Some tools, a free bottle of underglaze, a container of grey stain (I have Tolkien-related plans…), and the ceramics. You can’t really make it out, but the box in the corner of the beet plate says, “Beets in a box! Made from 20% real beets–better than beets”. 

We took in the emerging artist talks and the closing speech, picked up our things from the La Mesa exhibit, and moseyed on to another wing of the convention centre, where the Houston Public Library was having a book sale. Picked up a Julie E. Czerneda novel,  a book on cat training, a book on lace patterns, and another book on crewelwork embroidery.

After all the exhibits and talks and info, it was nice to have a lower-key day. I even had an afternoon nap. Later on tonight, I’m going to a Mother Falcon concert, because they seem amazing. Tomorrow the plan is to take a swing through the museum district to check out the Natural History Museum, and early Monday morning, it’s back on a plane.

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