I put some of the seedlings out yesterday. It’s still over a month until frost is not a concern, but I am armed with row covers this year, and feel invincible. I planted broccoli, chard, pearl lettuce, simpson lettuce, nasturtium, and beets. Three of the four rhubarb plants from last year are poking through the soil, and two garlic shoots are juuuuust coming up. And there’s room in the bed still for peas, carrot, and zucchini. I’m going to wait until June for the peas and zucchini, and the carrot will be planted out when as the seedlings get a teensy bit bigger. 


Still indoors: ground cherries, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and eggplant[1]. Started in the spots vacated by the cool weather plants: thyme, dill, basil, spinach, melons, asparagus peas, and cucumber.


[1] I chose the “fairy tale” variety from Veseys. Because if I can succesfully grow eggplant in Newfoundland sans greenhouse, I will truly be living in a magical fairy tale.

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