Back yard


The transplants are doing well so far. The rowcover has indeed kept everything alive through the colder nights, and has even, on cooler days, kept neighbourhood cats from digging up my plants.

There is enough lumber kicking around the house for a second raised bed, and on Sunday I borrowed a friend’s car to fetch such useful things as dirt and a drill. The second bed is earmarked for tomatoes, ground cherries, strawberries, and melons. And I guess whatever else I can cram into it. I’m researching mulches now, on the theory that these plants might prefer warmer roots.

I also got rope, and hung my hammock. I got that hammock for Christmas back in high school, and have kept it for yeeeeeears, waiting for the perfect tree in the perfect backyard to hang it in. The tree I have now works great, and even has a cut-off stump a few feet off the ground that could turn into the support for a small book-and-teacup-holding table.

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