Moseyed over to the community garden, to see what had to be poked at/weeded before planting. Found two kinds of kale growing happily in the communal beds, so I took some home to make boerenkool.[1] It’s more of a cold weather dish, but hey–it’s been chilly lately, and it’s my favourite way to eat the stuff.


There were also strawberry plants, raspberry canes, and rhubarb. Exciting.



[1] In pot, fry up some onions. Add chopped potatoes and kale; cover with water and boil. While that’s cooking, heat up the fattest sausage you can find; sometimes I use a frying pan, and pour the drippings over the veggies, and sometimes I just cook the sausage in with everything else. (Depends how crunchy I want my sausage.) Mash together kale and potatoes, adding salt and pepper to taste. Eat it all with mustard.

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