Remember Griselda? The old kiln I was given? I had some lovely electricians come in this morning and replace her power cord. We plugged her into the wall and switched her on long enough to see if she works. And she does! Or at least, all the elements got warm. I didn’t have time for a full test firing, and there are still a few odds and ends to pick up before I set her up for one anyways[1], but I am almost certain I’ll be able to fire in my own kiln, in my own studio, before the end of the month.


[1] A few feet of 4″ ducting for the ventilation system, a piece of sheet metal with a hole in it, and that should do it.[2]

[2] While I’m at the hardware store, though, I would like to pick up two paint mixing attachments, for plaster and slip[3].

[3] I have been recycling my throwing scraps into clay, which has then been used for my tiles. But the wedging is tough on the wrists and machines to wedge it for me are more expensive than new kilns. So I decided to try making some plaster molds for my tiles and recycling the scraps into casting slip–no wedging involved! We shall see how it goes.

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