Gearing Up

Made an expedition to the hardware store. Picked up materials for working with plaster[1], and some kiln-related things. An angle grinder for the kiln shelves, with accompanying safety glasses and ear protection and serious leather gloves. Less serious leather gloves for unloading the kiln, and UV glasses for checking the kiln mid-firing. Buckets, because I can always use more buckets.

Still need 4″ PVC pipe for ventilation[2] and a big ol’ patio paver[3]. Other than that… I may just have a complete studio set up. I even got a cheap radio/iPod player I don’t mind killing slowly with clay dust.


[1] Wood for cottle walls, paint stirring drill attachments for plaster and casting slip, Murphy’s oil soap, clamps, screws… it’s a whole other world.

[2] Did you know the Home Depot on Kelsey Drive sells fittings for 4″ PVC pipe, but not the pipe itself? Very strange.

[3] I decided not to haul one home via grocery cart and bus, which is how everything else got home. I will need to steal a ride from somebody for that part.

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