Coady’s Metal Works

Paid a visit to Coady’s Metal Works today, to talk about Griselda’s kiln stand. It’s rusty and not terribly sturdy-looking, and Griselda herself is old enough not to have a piece of sheet metal underneath her, so I  want to get her 1) a new, non-rusty stand with 2) a piece of sheet metal on top to support her floor, which has some pretty long cracks in it. The chances of the bricks giving way are pretty slim–the weight of a kiln goes down through the walls, and the weight of its contents goes down through the posts, which can line up with the supports of the stand, so the floor is really just there to contain the heat, not support anything. But still. For the sake of extra peace of mind, I’ll take the sheet metal.

All the local potters who’ve needed metalwork done talk about Mr Coady, and his shop is only a ten or fifteen minute walk from my house, so I figured he’s the guy I needed to see. I walked through the door, laid the existing stand on his desk, and he said, “That’s something to do with a kiln, isn’t it?” 

Aw yeah. Definitely the guy I needed to see.

I told him what I wanted. He took some measurements and made his own design improvements (wider stand, to reduce the chances of the whole works tipping over when the lid goes up, tabs along the sides so the kiln can’t shift or slip off), and that was that. One step closer to firing that kiln.

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