The asparagus peas are coming in. The plants are still growing, putting off loads of blooms, and turning flowers into pods. They’re a surprise success out of the thingsthatbyallrightsshoulddiehere section of the bed. Not particularly flavourful, though. So I’ll probably stick with asparagus or peas or some other less-fragile veg next time.

Maybe I’ll stick it in an ornamental border someday. The flowers really are stunning, and the foliage is pretty nifty too.




And I harvested most of my garlic! It’s hung up to dry in my front porch, as that’s probably got the best combination of cool, dry and dim in the house. A few bulbs are left in the plot–the runty ones that got shaded by the parsnips. I’ll probably pull the bigger parsnips soon; that should give the garlic a boost if the frost can just hold of for another few weeks.



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