Almost here!

The invite for Hot Mud is out!


I’m excited. Also, more than a little awed. Today I saw the list of other people selected for the show, and strongly considered finding a quiet place to hyperventilate. Holy cow. My stuff’s going to be in there next to work by famous people. Like, cover of Ceramics Monthly famous.

I’m really glad I didn’t know how big a deal this was when I applied. I probably would have chickened out and decided to wait until I felt like I “deserved” to be held up next to these people. And god only knows when THAT would have happened.

Anyways. Check out these people, they’re all amazing:

Eliza Au and Tanya Doody, British Columbia
E. M. Alysse Bowd and Robin Lambert, Alberta
Robin DuPont, Manitoba
Carole Epp Saskatchewan
Zimra Beiner, Magdalene Dykstra, Janet MacPherson, Mary McKenzie, Lindsay Montgomery, and Denise Smith, Ontario
Marianne Chenard, and Amelie Proulx, Québec
Maja Padrov, New Brunswick

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