We had a family berry-picking expedition today. My brother’s father-in-law is a beekeeper who knows a blueberry farmer. He brings the hives up to help pollinate the fields, and in exchange, the farmer invited him to pick whatever he wanted after the professional harvesters had been through.

So my brother and his wife and their dog and the father in law and my dad and my other brother and me got ourselves out to Colliers today for some berry-picking. Up the highway, down a road, and along a gravel road. Let me tell you… bees make for a spectacularly bountiful crop. We found a spot of gravel wider than the rest, parked, and started walking towards the fields. We didn’t even get there. 

There was a small rise, and over the top of the rise is what we were aiming for, but there were so many berries along the slope that we didn’t make it to the fields. I had a 10kg beef bucket, and it was about 80% full within a few hours. And the whole crowd of us only got about 20-30 metres from the road. I have never seen so many blueberries growing in one spot.

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