Two experimental bowls by me; the copper red and shino bowl is by the incomparable Danielle Lee, and the one with the ruffly edge is by Jennifer Allen.


That there? That’s the good side of having to miss the garlic festival. We’ve had a lot of wind the last two days, and all the ripe tomatoes and ground cherries (plus a bunch of green ones, but they can ripen indoors) got knocked off the bushes. So at least I was in town to gather them up. I also had time to harvest my savoury, which was going into bloom and reeeeally had to be picked, and yet another ginormous bowl of lettuce.

I’ve had so many salad greens this year I’ve given away or even composted half of them. A 4 x 4 stretch of bed is, apparently, too much salad for me. I’ll sow less next year… maybe put in extra parsnips, or more zucchini or something. We shall see.

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