Thermofax Screenprinting

So, my knowledge of screenprinting is entirely theoretical, and not really complete. But there’s this thermofax stuff that I found out about from the latest Meredith Host video clip over at Ceramic Arts Daily. I am not providing you with a link to Ceramic Arts Daily today, because their website seems to be under attack, but here’s a link to a different Meredith Host video that’s living over on YouTube and shows the thermofax screen in action.

Seems like the answer to all my niggling RSI worries… I need a way to reproduce my designs in a more wrist-friendly way than drawing or carving everything. Decals won’t give me the colours I want without annoyance, and conventional screens are only good for flat surfaces. I know someone who screenprints underglaze onto newspaper and then transfers the image onto her pots, but the colour is always a little washed out. Which is itself a nice effect, but only if you’re looking for it, and I’m not… Printing with a flexible screen directly onto my pots should give me solid black lines (or solid lines of any other colour).

Must experiment.

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