I have three dogberry trees[1] in my backyard, plus one overhanging the driveway. The berries are cheery, spectacularly abundant, and edible, but taste AWFUL raw, so I’ve never had much to do with them. But this year I thought I’d give them a try. You’re supposed to pick them after after a hard frost and then freeze them for good measure, just to get the bitterness to break down a little. And then you can make stuff with them. A quick google turned up recipes for jellies, nut loaf, and sweet and sour sauce.

Well, we haven’t had a hard frost yet, but I’m impatient and in possession of a freezer, so in a fit of procrastination from the studio, I grabbed a bowlful[2]. I will try cooking them into something or other at the end of the month.



[1] Known in parts of the world that are not Newfoundland as mountain ash or rowan. And probably other things as well.

[2] And then spent some time on the porch with a colander, trying to sift out the earwigs without actually touching the earwigs. There were at least a dozen in there.

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